Modeling the Future of Work

In 2020, we published the Reimagining Inclusive Economies report, which examined why a presumably good economy didn’t produce the shared prosperity that classic economics promises.

We presented a new framework that identifies four closely related imbalances — the Jobs, Access, Skills, and Desirability Imbalances— that drive key trends in our system of employment and economic mobility. We discovered that it wasn’t a national skills gap that was holding us back from better economic mobility and shared prosperity. It was a lack of good jobs.

In the next phase of our research, we want to move from theory to practice, helping those who are on the front lines of these issues better understand and map the impact of their efforts, test potential strategies and solutions, and help mitigate unintended consequences across the system. Rather than merely answering the questions “What is happening and why?” we will help people grapple with “What might happen and what should I do?”

We are actively seeking partners who are dedicated to the continuous learning necessary to transform economic mobility over the next 5–10 years, who understand we cannot just optimize the parts but must improve the beliefs, relationships, and information flow across the system, and who can or are willing to bring together upstream and downstream interventions for a more holistic approach to solving the problem.

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